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Lotus in Hai Nam’s paintings


The meaning of Lotus flower is estranged love, or most people say so, but the lotus flower has other meanings. In India, the meaning the lotus flower represents health, long life, honor, favor of God etc. Lotus flower also represents divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment.

Lotus is revered with great importance in many parts of the world. Lotus flower was first seen in India and in Egypt and has influenced the local myths. Lotus flower had strong religious meaning among Aryan Hindus of ancient India, ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Japanese. Lotus flower also has prominent place in Christian and Buddhist religions.

The unique nature of a lotus flower to bloom with sunrise and to close and submerge in the evening attracted the people of an old age. It was easily identified as worshipping the sun. In ancient Hindu concept it that the meaning of the lotus flower symbolizes divine birth, or the creation of everything from a simple seed. The fact that the lotus flower stays above the mud and dirt from where it originated gives it this highly philosophical meaning.

According to Buddhist concept lotus has different meanings based on the color of the flower. The meaning of a red lotus is love, compassion, and all the activities of the heart. A red lotus symbolizes heart. The meaning of a blue lotus flower is victory, victory over senses and achievement of wisdom and knowledge. A pink lotus enjoys the highest status since it is regarded as being connected to Buddha. The meaning of a purple lotus flower is spiritual knowledge and can be seen in ancient myths.

While coming to current period, the same lotus assumes different meaning in different cultures. In Victorian period, a lot of flowers estranged love in some way or another and so did the lotus while it in some culture means Mystery and Truth. In Chinese culture the meaning attached to a lotus flower is purity, resurrection, evolution and potential. A white lotus flower is the symbol of Buddhism. In Buddhism the sight of a white lotus flower above the muddy water represents an enlightened one in the world full of ignorant people. The meaning changes with the number of petals in the flower. Eight petals represent cosmic harmony and 1,000 petals represent spiritual revelation. The meaning of a closed lotus is potential.

For Egyptians, a blue lotus represents Sun God. In Hindu culture of India, the lotus is the flower of Mahalakshmi, and represents a supremely attractive aspect. The meaning of the lotus flower is than the power of beauty and harmony. Lotus represents the manifestation of God. In the epic, Mahabharata, it is described that Brahma, the creator of everything sprung from a lotus that grew through the navel of Lord MahaVishu, who was in deep meditation.

The lotus also assumes a significant meaning in the fact that inside the seed, the embryo will be ready to grow and can continue to survive over centuries. This peculiarity of lotus flower gave it the meaning of eternal vigilance and diligent search of life. This peculiarity represents strong vital force that keeps one with God.

A lotus can be considered as a perfect flower with its shape, color and fragrance. And is there really any wonder that such a beautiful flower
as the lotus flower has many meanings.

The Meaning of the Lotus Emblem

1. What are the meanings of the different colors of the Lotus? The white color of the Lotus represents the complete brightness of wisdom and
purity. The green color surrounding the lotus represents the fresh vitality of youth filled with hope for the future.

2. The Circle: The circle represents the complete perfection of Buddhism.

3. The Lotus symbol has eight petals: The Lotus from outside looking in:

a. The upper five petals represent five conducts.

Middle petal: Endeavor (Diligence, always better ourselves)

Left of middle petal: Forgiveness

Right of middle petal: Peacefulness

Far left petal: Wisdom

Far right petal: Compassion

b. The lower three petals represent the three Jewels.

Middle petal: Buddha

Left petal: Dharma (Buddha’s teaching)

Right petal: Sangha (Monks and Nuns)

4. Even though the Lotus plant grows in the mud, it still produces a nice fragrance. This represents a Buddhist living in a society with
decreasing moral values but is not contaminated by the surrounding events.

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